Instytut Stosowanych Nauk Społecznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Research Centre for LGBT+ History and Identities

The Research Centre addresses the need for systematic and in-depth studies focusing on forms of social life among non-heteronormative people. We study both their individual identities (how they are created, transformed and negotiated) and the communal dimensions of their lives. We are interested in the diversity of individual choices concerning social identity, various bonds created within the LGBT+ community, and the relations of this social group with the majoritarian society. We also conduct research on the past of LGBT+ people: their memory (ways of narrating the past) and their history preserved in documents. The research done at the Center is a continuation of the biographical method developed over many years at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences. One of our goals is to inspire and collect autobiographical documents, both written and spoken. Everybody willing to contribute to the research activities of the Center is most welcome!

Director of the Centre: dr hab. Piotr Laskowski